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What Would Your Mama Say?  REALTOR Code of Ethics
This 4-hour CE elective course is
a survey of ethical situations brokers regularly encounter in the market
and it requires brokers to "stop, read, think, and apply" the REALTOR Code of Ethics.

Honesty Test:

If you were to find a wallet lying on a sidewalk or in a parking lot,

which contained the name, local address, phone number,

and family pictures of the rightful owner, along with

notes, coupons ─ and $50 in cash…


What would you do with the wallet?


A moral compass can only point you in the right direction…

It cannot make you go there.


REALTOR® Code of Ethics Training Requirement


Effective January 1, 2017,

the REALTOR® Code of Ethics training requirement became every two (2) years.

Note:  This course is updated each year.
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