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We currently offer the General Update course (for non-BICs),

the Broker-in-Charge Update (BICUP) course for BICs,

and a selection of elective courses.

     1:  General Update Course - GenUp

     2:  Broker-inCharge Update Course - BICUP

     3:  Agency:  Art or Agony 

     4:  And the Court Said

     5:  If You Were the Judge

     6:  Between the Lines: Insights from the Real Estate Bulletin

     7:  And the Commission Says ...

     8:  The Contract Maze

     9:  For the Good of All: Code of Ethics - updated annually

   10:  And the Verdict is... 

   11:  REALTOR Professional Standards - updated annually

12:  And What Would Your Mama Say? - REALTOR Code of Ethics - updated annually

13:  Agency vs. Procuring Cause and REALTOR Ethics

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