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If You Were the Judge
This 4-hour CE elective course is designed to assist real estate licensees in better understanding
the legal ramifications of real property contract law as determined by the courts of our land.


This course reviews 156-actual real estate lawsuits from around the country.​

The subject matter includes such issues as:   

1.  Oral Contracts                     

2.  The Mailbox Rule                 
3.  Earnest Money Deposits 

4.  Specific Performance  

5.  Misrepresentation                  
6.  Compensation Issues             
7.  Financing Issues                      8.  "As Is" Transactions  

  9.  Inspection Issues

10.  Contractors
11.  Property Management Issues
12.  Property Insurance Issues
13.  Fair Housing Issues
14.  Use of Police Power
15.  Option Contracts
16.  Bankruptcy Issues

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